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Present at the meeting were two representatives from each group plus two members of the Frascati group, to take minutes and to translate:

  • Vincenza Rufo and Agnese Toschi (Frascati)

  • Karin Weiss and Maria Woite (Bad Godesberg)

  • Anne Van Dorpe and Jacqueline Van Dorpe (Kortrijk)

  • Rita Ashmore and Linda Johnston (Maidenhead)

  • Catherine Fischer and Michelle Jehanno (St Cloud)

  • Elfi Faber and Gertrude Weninger (Salzburg)

  • Minute Secretary Giovanna Pagnozzi and Interpreter Sylviarita Bernardini.

The working language of the meeting was English and it was agreed and is in the Charter that English will be the working language of the Circle.  The Kortrijk group wished us to know that their individual working language is Dutch and not French.

For the first two days we discussed the items on the Agenda.  Items 1 and 2 on the Agenda were generally discussed without any conclusions being reached.  Item 3 regarding the legality of the Association was very interesting.  All the other groups were required by law to register with their Town Hall to gain legal status with considerable responsibilities for the President (the buck stops with her), in contrast to us being able to form a group without legal or political interference.

The rest of the time we discussed a new Charter.  There are some changes to the original proposals, the main one being that there will be no Congress in the future but instead there will be a European meeting in the sixth year of the programme of visits (Item 3.3 in the Charter).  A Presidents’ meeting will take place half way through the programme of visits. It was an amazing achievement to finally agree a Charter after so many years of discussion and deliberation.

The annual visits between groups will take the well-tried and tested format.  The Petit Discours or a presentation of the visitor’s choice will continue.  The programme of visits will remain as previously agreed.

A European Circle website was considered to be beneficial to keep us all informed of the activities of each group.  This is work in progress being taken forward by Michaela Howard and Linda Johnston.

Salzburg, Bad Godesberg and St. Cloud all have a new President, as we will in March.  This may change the dynamics of the individual groups and the organisation in general, however this should be an opportunity for us all to move forward.


President: Rita Ashmore                              Vice-president: Linda Johnston


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