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Our Christmas Social 2012

Our Christmas celebrations were attended by fifty four of our members and much enjoyed.

After a few glasses of Bucks Fizz and a buffet of savoury and sweet Christmas Fayre, provided by the Committee, the atmosphere was gregarious!

There was a raffle, Christmas Carols led by Win Law on the piano, and a Team Poetry Competition. The latter proved to be very entertaining and the entries of a very high standard indeed. As a consequence, choosing a winner was a real challenge for the judges. In the end, two teams were declared joint winners – Table 1 and Table 9.

Congratulations to our budding poets and here are the winning entries:

Table 1

Christmas time in Frascati

It was Christmas time in Frascati

And it suddenly started to snow

There was panic concerning the party

But the Italians arrived all aglow

They were dressed in their finest glitter

Determined to have a fling

They had advertised on Twitter

To come in their Christmas bling



Table 9

Christmas time in England

It was Christmas time in England and the rows has just begun

Mum was in the kitchen and the turkey on the run

The children were all screaming and Dad reached for his gun

The noise reached a crescendo, as the bloody deed was done!

The baubles and the lights were glistening on the tree

And presents in their wrappings were there for all to see

When Dad lit up the fire, he heard a stifled cry

From Santa up the chimney whose boots began to fry!

Oh no we’ve just killed Santa, the family cried with woe

So they heaved him down quite quickly and rolled him in the snow

A very smutty Santa giggling now with glee

Cried a very Merry Christmas from all the Elves and me!


We thank our members for their generosity in donating presents for the raffle, and our Committee, for making this year's Christmas Social a great success.

We hope everyone had a good time and look forward to next year's social!


Michaela Howard

January 2013


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