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12th NOVEMBER 2013

This year’s Art Lecture took place on 12th November 2013 at the Braywick Sports Aid Centre. The subject was ‘Paintings at the Courtauld Institute Gallery’, presented by Jennifer Mulchinnock.

The presentation started with the history of the Courtaulds Gallery and Institute of Art, established by a triumvirate of collectors, brought together by a common wish to improve the understanding of the visual arts in this country, Viscount Lee of Fareham, Samuel Courtauld, and Sir Robert Witt. Their passion created a collection that stretches from the early Renaissance to the 20th century, and is perhaps best known for its outstanding Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings.

The lecture then proceeded to introduce the Courtauld’s Collections and present some of its famous works of art:

  • The Renaissance collection comprises important paintings from both Italy and northern Europe. It includes one of the few altarpieces by Botticelli to be housed in a museum collection together with works by Venetian masters such as Lotto and Tintoretto. Highlights of the northern schools include one Cranach’s greatest painting, Adam and Eve.
  • The 17th century collection includes paintings with works by Claude and Van Dyck and a world-class collection of paintings by Rubens, including Landscape by Moonlight. There are also Rubens's sketches which offer unique insights into the mind of this great Baroque master.
  • The Gallery houses one of the finest collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings in the world. Formed by the pioneering collector Samuel Courtauld, the collection offers an array of outstanding works charting the development of modern French painting from Manet ("A bar at the Follies Bergere"), Gauguin ("Nevermore") and Cezanne ("Mont Victoire"), Van Gogh ("Self portrait").
  • The Courtauld Gallery is the only museum in Britain with such an outstanding display of paintings by the French Fauves (or Wild Beasts), including important works by Matisse, Derain and Dufy. This is complemented by German Expressionist paintings with an extensive collection of Kandinsky’s works.

Our members and guests were delighted to welcome Jennifer again and to learn so much about this amazing collection, housed in central London on the River Thames, at Somerset House. We were all inspired to revisit the Gallery again.


Michaela Howard

October 2013


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